Installation Manual Index

Online PDF installation manuals for many of our enclosures and enclosure accessories are available. Manuals include information regarding what parts are included in each standard stock enclosure or enclosure accessory kit, as well as, easy-to-follow diagrams with minimal text for ease of use.

Available Installation Manual Categories

Relevant enclosure and accessory manuals are provided in each category:

Thermal Management


How to Print

To print an installation manual, open the document in Adobe Acrobat Reader and select Print from the File menu. If you do not already have the Acrobat Reader, a free copy can be downloaded from Adobe.

Installation Recommendations

Saginaw Control & Engineering products are designed primarily for industrial or commercial electrical applications. Installation of electrical components should be performed by properly trained and qualified electricians who are experienced in modern industrial electrical installation and all applicable codes and regulations.

Other Resources

A variety of technical information on our products is provided online, including: compliance certificates, a glossary of definitions and terminology, part lists, and sales terms and conditions. CAD drawings are also available for every enclosure, either by part number search or on the product information page. We recommend reading our performance guidelines before installing any SCE enclosure. Having trouble finding what you’re looking for? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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