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Extruded Aluminum Window Kits

More Extruded Aluminum Window Kits With Laminated Safety Glass These new window kits are designed with extruded aluminum frames with laminated safety glass making this viewing window extremely durable in applications where routine clean up requires harsher chemicals...

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Stainless Steel Suspension Systems

Designed for use with the SCE HMI enclosures, allows operators to easily move or position an HMI to an ergonomic and comfortable working position. Heavy duty and reliable construction. Suspension Systems can be assembled in a multitude of configurations that allow for...

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700 Lumens Strip Lights

More Light in your Large Enclosure! Strip Lights now available with 700 Lumens These new Strip Lights are well suited for the larger enclosures providing more light to those enclosure spaces.   Lights operate exclusively on AC voltage 100 to 265 Volt AC.Magnets...

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External Disconnect Enclosure for Rotary Disconnect

Designed for use with enclosures that require additional protection against Arc Flash. This enclosure can be used with an environmentally rated enclosure to isolate the main power supply. It increases personal protection by preventing incidental contact or exposure to...

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Counter Balance Arms for Suspension Systems

Designed for use with the SCE HMI enclosures, allows operators to easily move or position an HMI to an ergonomic and comfortable working height. Made of heavy-duty, reliable construction. Counter balance Systems can be assembled as a wall mount or top mount. • Cast...

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New Enviro-Therm® 21160 BTU Air Conditioners

Enviro-Therm® Air Conditioners are designed with an internal closed loop system to provide protection from dust, oil and water. For indoor and outdoor application. Rugged, energy efficient,and reliable cooling system. Closed Loop Cooling System Hermetically sealed...

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Free-Standing Options

Center Panel Support Assembly - Installation instructions for SCE-60FSCPS, SCE-72FSCPS & SCE-90FSCPS Free-Standing Single-Door Dual Access Accessories - Accessory guide for SCE-72EL2424FSDA/SSFSDA, SCE-72EL2430FSDA/SSFSDA, SCE-72EL2436FSDA/SSFSDA,...

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Step By Step Guide

A step by step guide: Condensate Heater Replacement For Universal Units. 30 steps and pictures to follow along helping the process of replacing the condensate heater easier. This new content, as always, is found in our Installation Manual Index, under the Thermal...

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Door latches, Handles & Rods

Flush Swing Handles: Designed for use on custom and stock SCE enclosures. Can be found on our stock desk consoles and workstations. SCE-FSH2 SCE-FSH4 SCE-FSH6 SCE-FSH8 Mini Quarter Turns: Designed for use on custom and stock SCE enclosures. Found on stock window kits....

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Disconnect Installation Manuals

Disconnect Adapters Kit Disconnect Adapter F Style to 400V Style: An introduction to SCE-UA400V disconnect adapter. Comes with; disconnect adapter, support bracket, strip gasket, and bolt back 109428. Disconnect Adapter F Style to V Style: Shows rendings of SCE-UAV...

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New Index Content!

Brand new content to help understand our products better.The new list is found in the Installation Manual Index found in the resources pull down at the top of the page or from the links below. New content includes: Door Latching Arrangement: An interactive pdf...

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