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Enviro-therm NextGen AC Units

A rugged, energy efficient and reliable cooling system. Introducing the newest line of air conditioners to the SCE family! The Enviro-Therm NextGen ACs are designed with an internal closed loop system to provide protection from dust, oil and water. These are made for...

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Yellow Pushbutton Enclosures

Our pushbutton line has a new look. These enclosures are designed to offer protection for oil-tight pushbuttons, switches, and pilot lights from dust, water, dirt and oil. With a coating of RAL 1018 in safety yellow these are the same pushbuttons enclosures, in the...

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S.S. Sanitary Enclosures

Two new sanitary lines S.S. Sanitary Sloping Top Enclosures UL Listed Type, 4X, IEC IP 69, DIN 40050-9-IP69K Houses electrical and electronic controls, instrumentation and components in the most extreme conditions and sanitary applicationsPour in place oil &...

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Pole Mount Kit

Introducing our new pole mount kit line. Mount your enclosure to various pole sizes and shapes using the included mounting channel and hardware. This new Pole Mount kit is designed to easily adapt to most wall mount enclosure type including the Enviroline enclosures...

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Breather Vent Kit Drain

Designed for indoor or outdoor applications to handle the large negative pressure differential caused in a tightly sealed enclosure in extreme weather conditions or wash down applications that draw water into the enclosure. Adding a Breather Vent will equalize this...

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The Lengthy List of IMS Options pdfs

This is just a list of pdf's that make it another pathway to find. Welcome to the IMS option list. IMS Enclosure 2-piece Subpanel Installation Drawing IMS enclosures 2-piece subpanel installation drawing IMS Enclosure Dead Front / Swing Panel Installation Installation...

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The Big List of General Accessories

Bolt In Barrier (Encl. 40 inch High and Taller) Installation instructions for large bolt in barrier plates. Bolt In Barrier (Encl. Less than 40 inch High) Installation instructions for smaller bolt in barrier plates. SCE-BP5612 SCE-BP5618 SCE-BP5624 SCE-BP6018...

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Literature Download

The following is the current list of our downloadable literature. There may be some older pdf's in this list but all are quality content. AC Declaration of Conformity This is to declare and certify that the products in model series: SCE-AC**, SCE-NG**, SCE-TE**, in...

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List of Mechanical & Electrical Interlock info

Electrical InterlockInstallation information for SCE-E115I, SCE-E24I & SCE-E460I Electrical Interlock DefeaterExplanation, cutout details and installation information of SCE-EKDF Interlock Adjustment (Video)A video helping explain the installation and adjustments...

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Work Station Options

Control Compartment Installation instructions for SCE-WSCC and SCE-WSCCSS Keyboard Housing Installation instructions for SCE-KBH, SCE-KBH32 keyboard housing Keyboard Kit Installation instructions for SCE-24KB keyboard kit Monitor Mounting Bracket Installation...

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Installation Manuals for SCE Windows

ELJ Hinged Window Kit Specifications for part numbers SCE-HWK1212, SCE-HWK1212SS, SCE-HWK1814, SCE-HWK1814SS, SCE-HWK2218 & SCE-HWK2218SS Large Hinged Window Kit Specifications for part numbers SCE-HWK2228, SCE-HWK2228SS, SCE-HWK2822 & SCE-HWK2822SS NEMA 4...

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