Brand new content to help understand our products better.
The new list is found in the Installation Manual Index found in the resources pull down at the top of the page or from the links below.

New content includes:

Door Latching Arrangement: An interactive pdf highlighting quarter turn latches on how many are used on enclosures of different sizes.

Galvanized Subpanels Component Oxidation: A short pdf to help understand why immediate removal from packaging is important, especially on galvanized surfaces. It explains that oxidation stains are a white, powdery substance found on zinc subpanels.

Drainage Openings: A document explaining when and why drainage holes are required on enclosures of a certain size and the hole seals that come with them.

Punched Holes Powder Coat: Explores why punching a previously coated part may result in issues due to stretching of commercial grade steel and in contrast the lack of stretching of polyurethane powder coat.

All this and more found at the Installation Manual Index and remember to check back in on this news feed for more updates.