Introducing the newest product line from Saginaw Control and Engineering- NextGen Free-Standing Enclosures. This line was created with our customers, and their wallets, in mind. With the rising costs of freight for enclosures 90″ and above, the NextGen Free-Standing enclosures are 4″ shorter (90″ is now 86″, 84″ is now 80″, and 72″ is now 68″) with the height difference being taken from the body flanges, leaving the subpanel height the same.

Another new feature of the NextGen Free-Standing enclosures is that the subpanel will ship separately for those who wish to have the subpanel early, or no subpanel at all. Before, this was considered custom and had a longer lead time, but not anymore! The NextGen line also comes with 10 subpanel mounting studs on two door enclosures which creates a higher load capacity than the current 8 studs.

Additionally, the NextGen Free-Standing enclosures feature a new cable operated mechanical interlock. It is a quick install and eliminates the mess of having to deal with pesky rods and set screws.

Our customers asked for lower freight charges, quicker subpanels, and higher load capacities, and the NextGen Free-Standing enclosures deliver all of that and more!

You can find these lines in both the Steel Enclosures or Stainless Steel Enclosure lines or follow the links below.