Designed for use with the SCE HMI enclosures, allows operators to easily move or position an HMI to an ergonomic and comfortable working position. Heavy duty and reliable construction. Suspension Systems can be assembled in a multitude of configurations that allow for machine mount, wall mount, top mount, and floor mount options.

• 304 Stainless Steel couplings.
• 304 Stainless Steel tubes.
• Rotating couplings have adjustable tensioner brakes to control movement while in use.
• O-Ring Gaskets at all connections maintain oil and water tight seal.
• Continuous closed tube – S, J and I shape designs.
• Closed tube acts as conduit for feeding wiring.
• Rigid, durable bearing in all rotating couplings withstand the stress of continuous use.
• Removable access covers on all couplings with 90 degree turn.
• Stainless Steel Hardware included for installation of coupling to tube.

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