Over the coming weeks and months, SCE will be converting all products with our concealed hinge design to incorporate a new enhanced design.

  • Doors are easier to remove and reinstall
  • No longer necessary to remove the E-Clip Retainer when removing the door. The hinge pin retainer is an integral part of the hinge that does not need to be removed (no more lost E-Clip Retainers).
  • Door is coated before hinge tab installation, increasing the long-term corrosion performance, whereas the welded-on version has metal-on-metal, uncoated.
  • Eliminates weld marks that otherwise cannot be avoided on door corners.
  • Consistent, reliable and better performing than the welded-on hinge tab.
  • Bright zinc-plated zinc (Zamak 5) hinge on all steel enclosures and stainless steel on all stainless enclosures
  • Hinge is fully removable to meet requirements of sanitary and hygienic design applications
  • Flush profile with 180 degree door swing