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Your Enclosure Source® Now Available on EPLAN

SCE enclosure part numbers are now available on EPLAN. Over 1200+ parts will be integrated into the EPLAN web based application. This means many of you doing the engineering/designing can easily select our enclosures for your designs. The remaining enclosure part numbers, which consist mostly of the Large Enclosures, PBs, and CHNFs, are being worked on and will be added once complete, and they will have their next releases in the next few months.

1000 BTU Air Conditioner Now Available

SCE has added a new product to our line of Enviro-Therm® Air Conditioners! This compact 1000 BTU unit, measuring only 18.90”H x 10.00”W x 7.50”D, provides a cooling option for small enclosures. These air conditioners are available in powder coated carbon steel or stainless steel, 120 V, 60 Hz or 230 V, 50/60 Hz single phase. The unit also includes enclosure heating capacity of 150 W.

Contact your SCE sales representative for a quote today!

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LED Strip Light

SCE is pleased to announce the release our LED Strip Lights with a compact design to provide interior lighting for smaller enclosures.

  • Combined AC & DC 24 to 265 voltage range allows universal use with only one single model
  • ON/OFF switch or motion sensor available
  • Feed in / Feed out Push Fit Connector on each end of fixture
  • Daisy Chain Adapter or cables allowing connection of up to 16 lights with AC and up to 8 lights with DC voltage
  • Power Socket Adapter with resettable power circuit breaker
  • Optional Daisy Chain or Power Supply Cords with Push Fit Connectors available
  • Magnets provided for quick installation

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SCE Enviro-Therm® Air Conditioners and Heat Exchangers

SCE is proud to announce the release of our new thermal management line Enviro-Therm®! This includes a new line of carbon steel and stainless steel Air Conditioners as well as Heat Exchangers. These units have been designed with our customer’s quality, service, maintenance, and performance needs in mind. They are built with the most reliable, high-performance components, yet all major components have easy replacement and serviceability built into the design.

What make our Enviro-Therm® units so unique are the many features that are included and the extremely competitive price we are able to maintain. Every unit comes standard with many high quality features that traditionally add cost and lead time from our competitors. All units also include a 2-year warranty, which is unmatched in the industry. Contact us for more information or a quote!

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SCE Expansion

Saginaw Control & Engineering is proud to announce the largest manufacturing facility expansion in our history!

We have broken ground on an 82,000 square foot manufacturing facility expansion in Saginaw, Michigan, due to be completed in mid-December. This additional space will enable us to continue to invest in new technology and equipment to keep us on the cutting edge of enclosure manufacturing. This will in turn increase our capacity while improving quality through new equipment and processes.

SCE is committed to maintaining a large amount of inventory of standard product on the shelf ready for immediate shipment, as well as keeping Customized Standard Enclosure (CSE) lead times to a short 3-4 weeks, with over a 99% on-time shipping performance.

We thank all of you for your business and support which has made this expansion possible.

SCE Show Van

SCE is on the road!

Saginaw Control & Engineering now has 2 show vans touring the country with samples of our latest and greatest products. When the van comes to your area, you will be able to see firsthand our robust, high quality and wide variety of product lines that are available and ready to ship.

Contact your local salesperson to find out when our show van may be touring your area!

13th Edition Catalog

Saginaw Control and Engineering is proud to announce the release of our 13th Edition Catalog.

Download Here

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Free-Standing / Wall-Mount Disconnect Enclosures

The Multi-Door Free-Standing / Wall-Mount Disconnect Enclosures are designed to accommodate various types of mounting methods with minimal modifications: direct wall mount using mounting holes in the back of the enclosure, wall mount using optional wall-mount kit, and free standing using a floor stand kit. Provisions are provided in the back of the enclosure for wall or frame mounting and in the bottom for wall mount brackets, frame mount or partial provisions for a floor stand kit. The enclosures are provided with 3-point hardware and designed to house most standard type disconnects. Enclosures are available with two, three or four doors and are powder coated ANSI 61 gray inside and out. Sub-panels are sold separately.

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Type 3R Vented Disconnect Enclosures

Saginaw Control and Engineering's Vented Type 3R Disconnect Enclosures are designed to house electrical controls, drives, instruments, and components used in an outdoor environment to provide a degree of protection for the equipment inside the enclosure against the ingress of solid foreign objects (falling dirt); and to provide a degree of protection with respect to the harmful effects on the equipment due to the ingress of water (rain, sleet, snow). This design incorporates a rain cap that acts as a solar shield to minimize solar heat gain, a rain hood with filters for air intake, and cooling fans to control internal heat load. The enclosures are designed to house most standard disconnects and are available in three standard sizes.

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Barrier Plates

These Barrier Plates are designed to be installed on the back panel of an XM enclosure to aid in providing protection against Arc Flash the height of the sub-plate and allows separation of the high voltage and low voltage within the enclosure. The plates are made of heavy gauge steel and powder coated white.

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Rain Hoods with Access Cover

These Rain Hoods have been designed for use with Type 12 Fan and Filter Kits to prevent rain, sleet, snow, dropping water, or fluids from being drawn into the enclosure. The design includes a removable cover to allow easy access to the fan and filter kit. Hoods are made of heavy gauge galvannealed steel.

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Bolt on Lifting Lugs

Saginaw Control & Engineering's Lifting Lugs are designed to be mounted on the left and right side of a standard wall-mount type enclosure for easy handling of fully wired enclosures. Lugs can be ordered in zinc plated steel, or in Type 316 Stainless Steel with #4 brushed finish.

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Enviroline® Flush Mount Frames

Flush Mount Frames are designed for use with the Enviroline® Wall Mount Enclosures, quickly converting the wall mount enclosure to a flush mount enclosure. Two part numbers are required to complete the assembly, one part number for the height of the enclosure and one part number for the width of the enclosure. All kits are provided with hardware to assemble the frame to the enclosure and maintain the environmental rating of the enclosure. Frame is made of heavy gauge steel.

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External Disconnect Enclosure

Saginaw Control and Engineering's External Disconnect Enclosure is designed for use with enclosures that require additional protection against Arc Flash. It can be used with an environmentally rated enclosure to isolate the main power supply. Increasing personal protection by preventing incidental contact or exposure to the high voltage arch flash and shock hazard, and potentially reducing the PPE Level for the lower risk components of the main enclosure. The External Disconnect Enclosure aids in achieving compliance with NFPA 70E by concealing the main power supply. Provisions for 200 amp disconnect or less.

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SCE Customer Center & Order Status page

SCE has online tools available allowing easy access to order information anytime! Request login information for our Customer Center or simply use the SCE Order Number and Billing Zip Code on the Order Status page, to obtain current information on your orders.

Login to your account at our Customer Center for access to:

  • Order Status
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On the Order Status page, enter the SCE confirmed Order Number & Billing Zip Code for access to:

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Saginaw Control and Engineering now offers the ability to request certificates online! Requesting certificates is easy! Simply track your existing order using our Order Status page and click on the corresponding link for the certificate you wish to procure. Simply input your e-mail address and we will process your request and e-mail you the certificate you requested!

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Saginaw Control & Engineering would like to make the following statement:

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) contains a Buy American provision in Section 1605. Based on currently available guidance on this provision, Saginaw Control & Engineering will comply with the Buy American provisions of the ARRA as they relate to Federal aid for EPA funded projects.

The basis for the foregoing statement is that the Electrical Enclosures provided by Saginaw Control & Engineering are a domestic manufactured good as defined at 2 CFR 176.140(a) or 2 CFR 176.160(a), as applicable, assembled, tested and integrated in the United States prior to shipment to the project site.

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