Wall-Mount Enclosures

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Aurora, OH 44202-8086
Phone: 330/995-9800
Fax: 330/995-9802

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Saginaw Control and Engineering
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Pushbutton Enclosures and Hinged Pushbutton Enclosures

Slope Front Pushbutton Enclosures

Enviroline® Series Junction Enclosures

Enviroline® Series Junction Trough Enclosures

Continuous Hinge Junction Enclosures

Screw Cover Enclosures

Enviroline® Series Single-Door

Enviroline® Series Single-Door Enclosures With 3 Point Hardware

Enviroline® Series Wall Mount Two-Door Enclosures with 3 Point Hardware

Two-Door Wall-Mounted Enclosures

Enviroline® Series Single-Door Enclosures for Flange-Mounted Disconnects and SCE Door Hardware

NEMA 12 and 4 Clamp Fastened Single Door Enclosures

Single-Door Enclosures for Flange-Mounted Disconnects with SCE Door Hardware

Clamp Fastened Single-Door Enclosures for Flange-Mounted Disconnects

General Purpose Type 1 Enclosures

General Purpose Type 1 Enclosures with Knockouts

Vented Type 3R Enclosures

Vented Type 3R Disconnect Enclosures

Hinged Cover 3R Enclosures

Screw Cover 3R Enclosures